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About Our Company

Novus Guards is a registered Private Security Company. We have existed in many years of experience and practice as we serve diverse customers in the area of security and safety needs and in the course of these engagements with our customers, design and develop solutions that address their premises, social and enterprise risks.

At Novus Guards, we primarily aim at facilitating the acceleration of our customers’ businesses and their endeavors, not prescribing off-the-shelf security and safety solutions but rather through analytical assessment of your risks, offer best - fit solutions for your premises, along with your social and enterprise constructs.

Our Safety offering is composite, coming along with assured emergency and secured travel services and we layer upon our perimeter management services, guaranteed safety education.


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Our Employees


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Vision, Mission and Values

With Best Brains, We Help Organizations Realize Their Goals

We are measured by perception and our client’s economic returns, so we ensure they are served with only the best experience ever.

Credibility, Innovation and Goal Oriented.

Our Capabilities

From strategic planning to putting our boots on the ground, our capabilities are summed up in;

Dynamic and Collaborative Board, Management and Work Team

We have built a culture that focuses on the shared values that exude ownership. We also pride ourselves with the composition of a Board and Management that are dynamic with broad view of management perspectives and energetic towards challenges and business complexities.

Strong Partnerships and Networks with Deep Industry Expertise

We believe we cannot do it alone with the need to bring along the best of global resources that will ensure we give our customers only the best. Our partnerships range through, Thought Leadership, Technology and Design Experience capabilities. This helps to give value to the overall experience that our customers pay for and enjoy.

Our Deep Customer – Centered Approach

Yes, we are Employees first, but we are so that our customers may be served by happy, motivated and driven partners. Speaking customer’s language, our business engagement process maps our customers journey to consistently enhance customer experience.

Proven Knowledge of the Subject Matter

Our existing customers are good testimonies of our understanding of the subject matter. We currently manage over 300 projects in three-quarter of Nigeria’s geography and this offers us vastness of experience and diverse territorial understanding of the different dynamics of Security and Safety.