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Corporate Solutions

Companies need security and safety solutions to remain efficient and competitive in the market, repelling and shoring up against threats, either external or internal. At Novus Guards, we are able to provide layers of security functions and protection solutions as listed below that will provide the desired protection. Below are the services we render for the Corporate Solutions.

Premises Protection and Surveillance

Wherein there are complements of Advanced Technology Installations, Specially Trained Guards, Security Operation Centers (Command/Control Centers).

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Concierge Management

Highly intelligent security officers performing multiple services of access control, reception management, customer service and intelligence gathering.

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Events Safety

We combine people, knowledge, and technology to deliver reliable and secured social gathering after we have recced the premises, risk – mapped the.

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Travel Safety and Escort Services

After a clear route-derisking, we deliver this service with a combination of bodyguard (armed), travel guidance, equipment and vehicular...

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Background Verifications

With over 1000 verification activities in a Year delivered with partnerships of global accreditation and screening companies, our background ...

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Remember, we do not offer these services in an off – the – shelve approach, rather our Security Consultants sit with you to scope your peculiar needs after a thorough Risk Assessment has been done.