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Virtual Community Solutions

For businesses operated online and for guaranteed assurance of peaceful interactions virtually, we are mindful of the essence of promoting safe community on the internet. This is most important given the emerging nature of work that require dispersed and remote forms of work, largely interacting and transacting on the internet. We help with the first layer protection of your actors, given their motives and sensitivity of your business intents, hence offering proven solutions as listed below that will provide the desired protection .

Travel Safety and Escort Services

After a clear route-derisking, we deliver this service with a combination of bodyguard (armed), travel guidance, equipment and vehicular...

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Background Verifications

With over 1000 verification activities in a Year delivered with partnerships of global accreditation and screening companies, our background ...

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Remember, we do not offer these services in an off – the – shelve approach, rather our Security Consultants sit with you to scope your peculiar needs after a thorough Risk Assessment has been done.