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Why Choose Us

Our Customers Engagement Style

Our approach to delivering value to our customers is simple. We follow the following pattern in the bid to assuredly deliver value to you;

We ask SO MANY questions till we scrutinize enough and unite thoughts till solutions are made.

Data is King, and we understand that it is the mine beneath your business challenges. We dig for the data and make the unknown patterns.

Aiming at ACCURACY, we onboard creativity as our second nature. The solution that comes out must be fit, otherwise, we are not near.

Before we deploy, we qualify and substantiate every research and recommendation and only assure the best practice.

24/7 Support from Expert Employees

With the support of our Command Center and ever fervent patrol programs, we are in continuous vigilance of our customers’ businesses and ensued risks, while also keeping our Guards consistently motivating as they enjoy continuous learning and coaching experience. We ensure that our Guards are certified before they begin to serve you. Our support team is made of competent and experienced professionals, able to offer you the best advisory insights that will help your business amplify or accelerate your core objectives.

Verified Service and Technology

Given that we are fully technology and big – data driven, our Premises, Enterprise and Social Risks Assessment and Management (PESRAM) framework drives the risk assessments of probable threats and vulnerabilities of your company or entire operating system. With an architecture for intelligence gathering for management insights, our field operations management are layered along competency demand frameworks with deepened capacity for risk mitigation.

Our Pricing Flexibility

Our fees take into consideration project complexities, our major use of technology, and the unique know-how developed by Novus Guards and it is charged in pragmatic way. We are more attuned to building lasting relationships than being concerned about profits. This allows us to be focused at delivering value more than ordinary. With us, there is value for your expense. We also, always bring to bear the best of Partnerships!!!.